From Humans of New York / by Natalie Kim

“I’ve had serious problems with authority my entire life.  The first person I tried to piss off was my mother.  I got an Ivy League education and then became a street cop for six years.  I’d always been a knee jerk liberal.  I was one of those kids screaming ‘off the pigs’ at protest marches.  And then I ended up joining the force.  I think it should be mandatory for everyone.  We all have to take turns being the hall monitor in elementary school.  I think everyone should have to be a cop.  It’s the ultimate social work.  It’s the cop who has to step in when everything else has broken down.  It’s where the rubber meets the road.  It’s where conflict bubbles to the point of needing resolution, and somebody has to step in and protect the group welfare.  Ninety percent of the job is family disputes.  It’s walking into a room and keeping people from killing each other.  Yet everyone hates cops.  Everyone loves the fire department, and everyone hates cops.  That’s why I think everyone should have to do it.  Everyone should have to make an arrest. Everyone should have to feel the fear of trying to apprehend someone who doesn’t want to go to jail.  Everyone should experience the ‘fight or flight’ response when flight isn’t an option.  It breaks my heart to see all the hate toward cops.  Are there hateful, racist cops?  Sure.  And they should be punished.  But I’ve worked in just about every industry.  And I didn’t find any more racism in the police department than I’ve found in boardrooms and retail stores.  Before I joined the force, I used to think that all cops were The Man.  Now I know that the cops are all of us.  Just a bunch of human beings trying to figure out how to play the game.  And I think everyone should have to do it.”