SEE ME SEE YOU chronicles a day in the life of NYPD cop, Kathleen Stamos, who is having a bad day. Despite some earnest advice on life and love from her partner Rico Thomas that gets her nowhere, Kathleen has a chance encounter with a troublemaker that changes everything.

I wrote and directed the short SEE ME SEE YOU for two reasons. First, I had a strong vision of a character I wanted to play: a smart-assed, wise-cracking Asian-American female cop. I’ve seen this type of woman walking around Flushing, Queens and in Chinatown — but I have never seen her on television. Second, I wanted to make a film showing a person finally finding herself in a moment of clarity through a simple but powerful interaction with a stranger.

— Natalie Kim


This film wouldn’t have been possible without the direction and education from Jim Parrack (Suicide Squad, True Blood, Broadway: Of Mice & Men) and Andrea Dantas of the prestigious acting school Playhouse Brooklyn Lab (PHWBL)

Jim and Andrea are talented, spirited individuals -who are dedicated to the success and artistic development of every single one of their students that enter the doors of Playhouse West Brooklyn Lab.